Our octopus Otto – in addition to all octopi – and SPD have the number 8 in common.  Where it is probably obvious to you that the octopus has 8 legs, you may not know that we have eight senses – all of which are affected by Sensory Processing Disorder.  Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you learned that in school?

Also, it seems fitting that a “sensational” parent be represented by an animal that relies so heavily on its senses:

According to Buzzle.com, ”These eight legged creatures have highly developed sense of sight that helps them to hunt efficiently in the low light levels of the deep waters.  And they also have an excellent sense of touch. Octopuses have sensory receptors at the bottom of their suckers that enable them to “taste” whatever they touch. They are, however, deaf.”

Pretty cool, huh?

Not mention, as a special needs parent, who doesn’t feel like they could use 8 arms to manage everything?  Doctors, therapy appointments, school, and more all requires us to be effective multi-taskers.  And who better than an octopus to illustrate that?

Hence the SPD Blogger Network has adopted the Octopus as our mascott.

Why is it purple?

No reason.  : )