There are many problems parents might face when they have children who are picky eaters or have sensory issues.  The common concern is that their child isn’t getting enough vitamins, nutrients, protein or fiber.  If you have a child who will only eat french fries and chocolate, you might worry about how exactly you can get the other nutrients that your child needs.  Fiber is one of the most important things to make sure you get enough of. Without the right amount of fiber, energy levels will be down. And if you have a kid who refuses to sleep but is exhausted throughout the day, you’ll know how miserable that can be!

Why is fiber important in a child’s daily diet?

By including fiber in your child’s diet in a way that follows their current eating plan, you’ll help them get the proper energy and nutrients needed to be active throughout the day and not “crash and burn”.  Of course, ideally their diet will consist of fruits, vegetables and whole grain breads, pastas, cereals and rice. But many children refuse to eat anything other than white processed bread and cereals.  If this is the case, you’ll need to find a type of supplement to use or “sneak in” their foods.

Fiber Smoothies and Fruit

For example, most kids have a drink of choice. Perhaps that is a juice, chocolate milk or shake or some other beverage.  You can mix the powder inside supplements such as Skinny Fiber offering an extra 5 grams of fiber per serving.  This will mix in with the juice or chocolate milk without them even knowing! It won’t taste any different but they will get the nutrients they would otherwise be missing. There are several different supplements available that are similar to Skinny Fiber but offer the same amount of fiber per serving.  Make sure to use the appropriate amount depending on the child or adult’s size and weight.

Are there any side effects of too much fiber?

It is important to drink plenty of water when using these supplements to ensure that the bowel movements are regular and to avoid constipation.  There shouldn’t be any other side effects if you keep your body (or child’s) properly hydrated.  Of course, the ultimate goal is that you introduce high fiber foods into your kids’ diet so they don’t become reliant completely on the fiber pills. Try giving a different fruit and vegetable each day. Also try making some of their favorite meals with a pasta or cereal that is 50% whole grain until they can tolerate or enjoy the full percentage.

What other ways can I serve high fiber fruits and veggies?

Additionally, new fruits and vegetables can be added that are high in fiber such as apples or carrots. These can be incorporated in a sauce, smoothie, ice cream or cut up. Try new variations of different foods that are fiber rich to create interest. Once your kid sees new foods that are full of fiber, he or she might be interested in taking a bite. Especially if they are colorful and presented well!

Getting Enough Fiber in Your Child’s Diet